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Reliable Application Systems provides a serialisation solution that can receive digital markers, generate and assign them to a product. Our serialisation solution consists of high-speed coders and vision systems for product coding and verification. Mark/label product identifiers like dot codes, barcodes, data matrix, QR code on unit-level packages or directly on your product. Unique product codes are downloaded either one time or live from the government servers to the manufacturer's production line for printing. The RAS Serialisation solution helps track and trace your product accurately at each stage – Obtaining product codes, coding and product inspection.


Post serialisation, the product is bundled into larger containers in an event called aggregation. At RAS we provide an aggregation solution that helps you aggregate unit level packs into bundles/outer cases, which are further aggregated into master cases, pallets and so on depending on customer requirements. Each product aggregation level is monitored and recorded when batched together. Scan and record every product that leaves your warehouse while establishing a link between every container and its contents.

Shipping Event

The process of staging outbound, loading and departing is simplified with RAS. Our shipping/warehouse solution can generate required EPCIS or any other file format as per repository requirements. All shipping events are stored with an acknowledgement to the level 3 application, enabling complete product traceability post shipping.

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We have integrated hardware and software solutions to different country regulations covering EU, UK, GCC, Africa, Russia etc. We offer solutions from Level 1 to Level 3, our Level 3 system can connect to all leading level 4 track and trace repositories across the world.








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